Tomato Tariff Renewed after US-Mexico Agreement Ends

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MCALLEN – The tomato tariff is in effect; some business owners say they are seeing a price change, but it could take longer for customers to see an effect.

The Department of Commerce announced the renewal of tariffs on imported tomatoes after the U.S.-Mexico agreement ended. 

KRGV’s Christian Von Preysing spoke to manager of Amore Produce, Carlos Ayala, a company that handles shipments from Mexico to the U.S.

Ayala says over the last several days, the price of a box of tomatoes has increased another $3.

He says the tariff is affecting him as well as other transporters, and eventually will affect customers.

Owner of Cordon’s Pizzeria in Edinburg, Alyssa Cordon, says they rely on tomato shipments and use 50-100 per week.

Cordon says if the prices of their tomato shipment increase, it could have an impact on their set prices.

“I don’t know we’d have to re-print and it’s going to be hard to explain to people,” she says.

Ayala adds he hopes the tariff will go away soon for the benefit of his business, growers, and consumers.

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