UTRGV's New Vaquero Mascot Makes Debut

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EDINBURG – This semester, freshmen at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley got to meet their mascot for the first time.

It's called the "Vaquero Roundup", a week full of events for 4,500 incoming freshmen at UTRGV.

We spoke to UTRGV Director for Student Activities Cindy Mata Vasquez about the university’s mascot.

"It's a symbol of pride, unity, school spirit and I think we finally got it this year and we're very excited to unveil it to the class of 20-23," she says.

The plan is to make the vaquero mascot the face of UTRGV.

Every university has its mascot and every mascot is unique; for the class of 2023 it has taken four years but now their mascot has arrived with a big splash.

For more information watch the video above.


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