Valley DACA recipients can now enroll in the Affordable Care Act

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DACA recipients will now be able to buy health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

At least once every three days, Hector Calderon is asked by a DACA recipient if they can sign up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

"They come wanting a quote and when we're quoting them, they're like always because I'm DACA, and I mean we can't do anything about that," Calderon said.

Starting November, that all changes.

The Biden Administration will now allow eligible DACA recipients to enroll in Affordable Care Act coverage. A change that is expected to help 100,000 DACA recipients

"We have a large population of DACA recipients and people who qualified for DACA who now will have access to healthcare," La Union Del Pueblo member Sergio Trevino said.

Texas holds the second-largest number of people with DACA at over a 100,000. An estimated 7,000 call the Rio Grande Valley home.

Local immigrant right groups, like LUPE, say the access to healthcare is a welcome change.

DACA recipients who apply for coverage under the Basic Health Program could see their health insurance kick in as soon as they apply starting November 1.


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