Valley Lawyers File Immigration Lawsuit to Change Policy

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WESLACO - The number of days inside a processing center varies when the immigrant surge was at its peak this summer.

Rio Grande Valley attorneys have filed a lawsuit wanting to change a government policy.

Lawyer Lisa Brodyaga works at the non-profit organization Refugio Rio Grande Valley on immigration cases.

Brodyaga and immigration attorney Jaime Diez are two of the attorneys who filed the lawsuit.

Many of their cases involve families looking for their loved ones missing in detention centers in the Valley.

A man we'll refer to as Michael spoke to us from Los Angeles; he found his brother who was detained in the Valley. 

"We didn't know, we thought my brother was dead. We had no idea where my brother was," says Michael.

Customs and Border Protection sent us a statement regarding the lawsuit.

"As a matter of policy, CBP cannot comment on matters under pending litigation."

For more information watch the video above.


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