Valley Made, Local Strong: All Valley Tire & Wheels

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Your car can't go anywhere without your tires being in tip top shape, and one local business is helping you stay moving.

All Valley Tire and Wheels in the city of Palmhurst started back in 2018.

"Thinking about opening something and with my husband's experience, 24 years, we said, 'You know what, let's go ahead and open a tire shop,'" said Rebecca Gonzalez.

Next, they had to pick the location, and they settled on Palmhurst.

"We decided Palmhurst because it is growing a lot," Gonzalez said. "It is growing, and I am a native from Mission and we wanted to pull away from the competitors, and we noticed that a lot of people do look for the mom and pop shops."

Through hard work, they opened up in January of 2020--right before the pandemic. Deemed an essential business, they stayed open.

"Little by little, trickling in, a lot of Fernando's clientele have been coming by," Gonzalez said. "'Hey, where are you at now? I'm over here in Palmhurst'. It's a little far, but they still make their way because they know they will find great prices, trustworthy service, and quality work."

Next time you need some quality work from trustworthy and experienced professionals, head over to All Valley Tire and Wheels in Palmhurst: They're Valley Made, and Local Strong.


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