Alamo Family Reunite with Stolen Dog

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UPDATE (8/18): The Vasquez has reunited with their dog.

The initial person-of-interest is the one who returned Lea to the family.

"I want to thank him for actually returning the dog for us. And he had a family, you know, the guy seemed like a nice guy. So, maybe it was a mistake. Things have been done to correct it on my part. So I can actually fix the fence, you know, buy some chicken wire all over the fence, replug up the hole. Stuff like that," said Victor Vasquez.

Alamo police told CHANNEL 5 NEWS the crime is considered a theft. They could only report the dog was recovered by the owner.


ALAMO – A man is asking police to help him to recover his dog after it was stolen from his property.

Alamo resident Victor Vasquez said his 5-month-old dog, Lea, got loose when digging a hole underneath the fence.

In surveillance video, the dog is seen trying to go back through the fence. A tan colored van is also seen circling in front of his home. Then, a male suspect hesitates before walking on the property.

"They guy was here for about five minutes. You know the dogs were barking and actually had the nerve to park his vehicle there,” said Vasquez. "And [he] actually got off and actually cornered the dog and actually carried the dog with him.”

Vasquez explained Lea is more than just a security guard dog. He believes she helped his children with their learning disability.

"One of them is diagnosed with autism and the other is actually getting treatment for the same thing. And actually, he goes around and the dog follows them,” the father said. “And so it helped him learn that the dogs are there; they’re not aggressive and he can be pet.”

Vasquez said this is the third dog stolen from his property. He said he wants police to do their job.

"Do something about it. Not just be like, ‘OK, he doesn't have the dog anymore.’ Because, you know, we report it and nothing ever gets done,” he said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS showed the video to Alamo Police Chief Arturo Espinosa. He said his officers will help.

"Based on this we'll go ahead and do a follow up,” said Espinosa.

Espinosa said Vasquez will need to give the video to police to further investigate.

Vasquez understands there are many reasons people would want to take this breed of dog.

"They do sell them at the pulga online, Facebook or even just use them for breeding purposes and they just disregard the dog,” he said.

Vasquez said he will be forced to buy another dog for his family if Lea is not found.

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