Family Fears Deportation Following Immigration Executive Order

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WESLACO – A family in the Rio Grande Valley is worried about their future after the president’s push to tackle immigration.

The family crossed into the country illegally and started their life seven years ago. They’re concerned that one misstep could mean deportation.

The family celebrated two birthdays for their children on Friday. The mother said her children are a little less innocent and more exposed to the harsh realities of life now.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS is concealing her identity and will refer to her as “Anne.”

“We try to live life as normal as we possibly can here,” Anne said.

Three of her four children are U.S. citizens. She and her oldest child journeyed across the border seven years ago. He’s 12 now and old enough to realize his future is rockier than ever.

“I get the urge to go back to Mexico. I stop myself because of my oldest. He won’t have anything if I leave,” Anne said.

She said she would go back to Mexico if the decision only affected her.

Her husband provides for the family. He crossed the river years ago. He gets contracted daily for work. He steers clear of places that make him an easy target by immigration officers.

“If work is near the bridges, he can’t go. He has to stay home,” Anne said.

Anne came to the U.S. after two of her brothers were kidnapped and killed. She didn’t want her children growing up in that environment.

“Crime is harsh in Mexico even more when you live through it. There are a lot of kidnappings there,” she said.

The fear she experienced in Mexico is now swapped for her growing fear of deportation and what might happen to her children.

Anne said her family won’t worry about what the future holds for one day. They’ll be focused on each other and celebrating a special day.

They know they’ll enjoy the peace the U.S. offers as long as possible.

ICE’s statement calls for the deportation of criminals, gang members and those who re-entered the country illegally or ignored a deportation order. Deporting those in the country illegally who are following the laws of the land are immigration officers’ lowest priority.

Read ICE's Statement: Statement From Secretary Kelly On Recent ICE Enforcement Actions

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