How parents can keep children's teeth healthy this Halloween

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Your child’s bucket full of candy could lead to a costly trip to the dentist, depending on the type of candy.

Dr. Ashton Queja with Smile Magic Family Dental says although the sugar in candy is bad for teeth, just how bad varies with the type of candy.

So which candy should you check your child's bucket for?

"Candies that are hard and sticky and stain your mouth for longer periods of time, those candies tend to be a little worse for your teeth than a candy that dissolves in your mouth," Dr. Queja said.

Dr. Queja says the sugar from these types of candy sits on your teeth for longer periods of time, feeding bacteria in your mouth and increasing your risk of cavities. So what can you eat?

"Usually chocolates are a little bit better,” Dr. Queja said. “They tend to dissolve a little bit faster in your mouth."

Dr. Queja says moderation is key.

Let your kids have a few candies after the trick or treating fun is over. If a toothbrush isn't immediately on hand, Dr. Queja said at the very least, you’ll want to rinse out your child’s mouth with water to get rid of the sugar that may be sitting on the teeth.

"The worst thing that you can do is a child eats candy, then goes to sleep at night because that's the perfect storm, right? The kid has candy and sugar on their teeth, they didn't brush and it's on their teeth for at least 8 hours," Dr. Queja said.

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