Made in the 956: 8ight Limbs Academy

Made in the 956: 8ight Limbs Academy
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Making a difference to your mind and body, that's what one Harlingen man did when he started practicing martial arts.

He loved it so much that now he's sharing his love of it with others through his very own school. 

Jeffrey Trevino from 8ight Limbs Academy is this week's made in the 956.


A love for teaching and martial arts, two things that eventually led Jeffrey to opening up 8ight Limbs Academy in Harlingen.

"What we teach is Muay Thai kickboxing. So we teach you how to use your hands, use elbows, knees and kicks and then with the Brazilian Ju Jit Su is grappling. We learn how to do rear-naked chokes, arm locks, shoulder locks, leg locks, so it's just a true self-defense, so we put these together," Jeffrey said.

Like many kids growing up, Jeffrey enjoyed watching martial arts, but he didn't start training until much later. 

"So I started my martial arts career in my late 20s," Jeffrey said. "I always wanted to do it, but just as a child we couldn't afford it back then, so once I became an adult I said this is something I want to do, so I put myself through it. It was a great experience. I'm glad I did."

Jeffrey quickly saw changes to his body and mind. Something he wanted to share with others.

"I had been training like nine years before I started coaching myself. So I just wanted to share that. I wanted to share with my daughters, so I taught them. But I've been able to help others, not only through with their weight loss, but help them with their mental clarity because it just helps out in so many ways," Jeffrey said.

From adults to children, Jeffrey says his gym is for everyone, and they do much more than just fight.  

"One of the biggest misconceptions parents have is that if a child is already aggressive that they will become more aggressive, and that's actually the opposite. Once they've learned that they can really hurt somebody, if they needed to be, then they don't want to do that because they know that can possibly happen to them as well," Jeffrey said. "It really helps with people's emotions, with their clarify. Parents who are tired, and they want to de-stress, they come in here and hit the bags, they learn something, they're talking here with other students that are going through the same situation it really becomes a family. And so it's a lot of self-awareness. It's like I always tell my students, there's no honor in defeating someone who's weaker than you."

Jeffrey says he hopes in the future the lessons being taught here will continue. 

"Man, I would love for one of my students to just take over and spread what we're teaching here and make it better. Not just here in Harlingen, but possibly in McAllen or Brownsville. I just want them to help anybody who comes through this door with whatever goal they may have. Whether it's a vision of weight loss or learn some self-defense techniques, or they just need that mental clarity, I hope it continues to grow so we can help people in the future."

Jeffrey Trevino and 8ight Limbs Academy, made in the 956.

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