McAllen to begin mosquito spraying this week

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By: KRGV Digital

The City of McAllen Environmental Health and Code Enforcement Department will begin spraying areas in the city with high mosquito populations this week during the early morning and late-night hours. 

The mosquito spraying will simultaneously start at the far north and south end of the city. 

According to a news release, a team of seven mosquito foggers/sprayers will work their way to the center of town and are expected to complete the spraying in two to three days. 

To report mosquito complaints, call McAllen's 3-1-1 Customer Service Call Center directly by calling 3-1-1 or (956) 681-3111 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or anytime at (956) 681-1900.

In the meantime, officials recommend residents follow the following safety tips:

Insect repellant use:

  • Use mosquito repellent with DEET / wear protective clothing during dawn and dusk outdoor activities.
  • Apply repellents only to exposed skin or clothing—never put it on under clothing. Use just enough to cover and only for as long as needed; heavy doses don’t work better.
  • Don’t apply mosquito repellents over cuts, wounds, or irritated skin or immediately after shaving.
  • When applying to face, spray first on hands, then rub in, avoiding eyes and mouth, and using sparingly around ears.
  • Don’t let young children apply. Instead, put it on own hands, then rub it on. Limit use on children’s hands, because they often put their hands in their eyes and mouths.
  • Don’t use near food, and wash hands after application and before eating or drinking.
  • At the end of the day, wash treated skin with soap and water, and wash treated clothing in a separate wash before wearing again.

Tips for mosquito control:  

  • Empty or get rid of cans, buckets, old tires, pots, plant saucers and other containers that hold stagnant water.
  • Keep gutters clear of debris and standing water.
  • Remove standing water around structures and from flat roofs.
  • Change water in pet dishes daily.
  • Rinse and scrub vases and other indoor water containers weekly.
  • Change water in wading pools and bird baths several times a week.
  • Maintain backyard pools or hot tubs.
  • Cover trash containers.
  • Screen rain barrels and openings to water tanks or cisterns.

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