Net Neutrality Vote Could Hamper Internet Access

Net Neutrality Vote Could Hamper Internet Access
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MCALLEN – Local tech experts said proposed deregulation by the Federal Communication Commission could make the internet less accessible in the Rio Grande Valley.

The FCC wants to get rid of net neutrality rules. Those regulations make sure internet service providers can’t choose which websites their customers do and do not have access to.

The FCC will vote whether to repeal of those rules Dec. 14.

Drew Lentz with Code RGV says if net neutrality is repealed, expect to pay more for internet access.

“What’s going to end up happening is, you'll see different packages will start to be produced by these different providers,” explained Lentz, “where if you want access to the internet, it's $30 a month, but if you want to stream video that's an additional $10. If you want to stream music, it's an additional $5. And if you want to be able to shop on Amazon, well there's a fee for that as well. It's going to give the providers the ability to carve up the internet access to you however they see fit.”

Lentz believes the FCC will vote those rules out, despite hundreds of thousands of complaints across the country.

“If these net neutrality rules are repealed, it's really up to the service provider to determine what you have access to when you have access to it, and if you have access to it at all,” he said.

Lentz also says it has the potential to hurt small business.

Large corporations could pay internet services providers to slow down or block competitors.

U.S. Congressman Vicente Gonzalez wrote a letter Tuesday to the FCC chairman asking not to repeal net neutrality.

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