Smart Living: Preventing injuries at the gym

Smart Living: Preventing injuries at the gym
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A marketing research group found over 50% of gym injuries happen because of overexertion. 

Another major cause happen from mishandling weights. 

Gym trainers explain working out wrong could be getting in the way of results.

“It starts off with sleep the night before,” trainer Pamela Figuiredo said. “A lot of times, we just think about the physical aspect — but sleeping the night before, getting good quality sleep, that'll set you up for the workout. Other things, as well, are not being fueled by nutrition."

Figuiredo said there are three common injuries that you want to avoid in the gym.

“Lower back, typically it's when people hunch over while doing exercises. Second one are knees. Doing movements, like lunges or anything where you're favoring one side and then, having pain with that and continuing with doing improper form, that's gonna aggravate the knee as well,” Figuiredo said. “And number three, believe it or not, is shoulders. Even if you don't have shoulder injuries, sometimes it'll expose in the workout, depending on their positioning holding things."

Don't forget the importance of rest and recovery.

“This is overlooked by a lot of people. Your rest days, adding saunas, adding compression boots, stretching mobility – those things are very important, if not, more important than the actual workout routine,” Figuiredo said. 

Small changes to your workout can make all the difference. Finding a routine you can stick to and eating in moderation is also key to living a healthy lifestyle.

Watch the video above for the full story. 

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