Tax Season Crooks Targeting Residential Immigrants

Tax Season Crooks Targeting Residential Immigrants
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MCALLEN – According to the FBI, there is a new fraudulent activity targeting immigrant’s refund checks.

“It’s our taxes and we work for all the year,” Limas said.

Carmen Limas told CHANNEL 5 NEWS she immigrated to McAllen several decades ago.

She said tax refund checks are important because it’s money she and her family deserve. She explained two years ago she almost lost her return.

“They called me at home and they told me that it was the IRS and they ask me for my social security number,” Limas said.

Limas explained she gave the telephone crooks her bank account number before realizing it was a fraudulent call.

This week, the FBI released information detailing a fraud in which callers impersonate the IRS and threaten to deport or arrest immigrants who refuse to pay a fee immediately.

“The IRS will not call you, text you, email you or contact you on social media on any tax issue,” Dolores Salinas told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

Salinas is president of the Better Business Bureau. She explained the IRS will only contact you the old fashion, through the mail. She adds they will never ask for money immediately. She said a threat is a red flag.

“Threatens you with your going to be incarcerated, your social security is going to be frozen, your identity is going to be compromised if you don’t pay immediately, that is definitely an indication that this is a scam,” Salinas explained.

Salinas said understanding how the IRS works will keep you from becoming a victim during tax season. Limas told CHANNEL 5 NEWS she won’t be tricked again.

Salinas adds if you’ve been contacted by telephone fraudsters, you should report it to the IRS’s fraud department on their website.

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