Valley Roofers Take Precautions During Extreme Heat

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WESLACO - A local roofer explained how he takes extra strides to make sure he and his team stay healthy while working during the extreme heat.

The sun feels like it's hotter than ever, at least that's what Harlingen roofer David Ramirez said.

He's been working for Above Quality Roofing for six years. On hot days, like Thursday, he still climbs ladders and walks on hot roofs to provide for his family. 

He said to stay hydrated he brings water, Gatorade, Powerade, sodas and Monsters to work.

He said he's the leader of his roofing team and oversees five other roofers. He knows it's his responsibility to make sure every member of his team makes it home safely every evening.

"I do pay extra attention to the guys. I tell them to get off the roof if they don't feel well, even if it's not time for a break," Ramirez said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke to a local EMT who offered safety tips for Ramirez and his crew members.

Aaron Alva is a Weslaco firefighter and EMT. He said heat-related illnesses, like heat stroke, can become a problem for people working outside on hot days. He explained paying attention to key warning signs is vital to staying healthy in this heat.

"Big indicators are feeling weak, feeling lightheaded, feeling like you're sweating too much… Those are all indicators of, ‘Hey let me take a break. Let me get a sip of water or let me sit in the shade or the AC,’" Alva said.

Ramirez said he will continue to watch his team extra closely. He will also be making extra strides to keep them hydrated.

He said he isn't afraid to send his team home early if it becomes too hot.

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