5 Remaining Resacas in the World, 1 in Danger

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UPDATE (4/23): County officials are now investigating a resaca in Rancho Viejo.

A dam was built across the resaca, causing it to dry up.

Officials are looking to create a task force to help resacas in the area.

The city of Brownsville has a conservation project in the works.


WESLACO - A partially dry resaca in Cameron County is causing concern for nearby residents.

Local resident Diana Garza’s home used to sit on the edge of the resaca.

“This was completely open, beautiful water at that time as you can see how quick it's all destroyed," says Garza.

Seven years ago, a dam was built, cutting off the water from one end of the resaca to another.

"The fish killed and the wildlife killed... that happened immediately. The damming of the resaca was a phenomena that you really don't want to see, no one wants to see that," says Garza.

According to a report by the Army Corps of Engineers, "numerous rare, threatened, and endangered species designated by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department specifically depend on resacas."

The report also states there are only five remaining resacas in the world; all of them in Cameron County.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Texas Parks and Wildlife for a better understanding of what a resaca does for the ecosystem.

They tell us a resaca is also vital in flood control; the more vegetation in a flood control area, the less it's able to drain.

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