Agency, City Oversees Tire Disposal at Auto Shops

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MCALLEN – The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is in charge of making sure local auto shops are properly disposing of scrap tires. They make sure everyone is following the rules.

A shop in McAllen has its racks filled with tires.

“Tire service is what we mostly give preference to,” Johany’s Tire Shop manager, Edgardo Cristen Garcia, said.

He said they routinely dispose of tires; otherwise they would be in an overflow situation.

The disposal comes with a fee though that gets passed on to their customers.

“We charge a minimum of $4 per tire that they leave here, so we could then call someone to take them to the dump,” Garcia said.

The manager said the city of McAllen is strict when it comes to enforcing proper tire disposal. He added they spontaneously check to make sure the shop files appropriate paperwork.

“We have to have a registered document because not just any note is good for the city, otherwise we will be fined,” he said.

McAllen Code Enforcement said they document where shops dispose of their scrapped tires. They said TCEQ also helps in regulating the proper disposal of tires for shops in Texas like Garcia’s.

According to TCEQ, scrap-tire-generators and scrap-tire-transporters must be registered with their agency.

Garcia said his shop has no violations. He makes sure every scrap tire shipment is documented in detail. He said he’s motivated by the environmental component.

“We’re supposed to be trying to take care of the environment but that’s not the case, because they refuse to pay $2 or $3, they go and toss them,” he said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS found out some Valley cities, including McAllen, allow their residents to dispose of tires free of charge. All they have to do is present a proof of residence.

People can visit their city to find out if they offer the service.

TCEQ Information about Scrap Tires 

Registration: You must register with the TCEQ as a scrap-tire generator if your shop routinely generates, transports, or retails used or scrap tires and you will be storing more than 500 used or scrap tires on the ground or more than 2,000 in a closed, lockable container. If you will be storing fewer than 500 used or scrap tires on the ground, then you do not have to register as a scrap-tire generator. You can register as a scrap-tire generator by calling our registration coordinator at 817-588-5817. There is no charge to register. 

Storage: You may store a maximum of 500 used or scrap tires outside and in a non-enclosed area or a maximum of 2,000 scrap tires in an enclosed area. Generators must monitor tires stored outdoors every two weeks to prevent health hazards such as fires, insects, flies, mosquitoes, rodents, and snakes (these hazards are commonly called vectors). If you exceed these maximum storage limits, you must register as a Scrap-Tire Storage Facility and meet all storage facility requirements such as financial assurance. 

Transport and Disposal: Only TCEQ-registered scrap-tire transporters may transport used or scrap tires from your facility. A TCEQ-approved scrap-tire manifest (Form 10304, or other comparable form approved by the agency) must accompany each shipment of used or scrap tires. You do not need authorization to self-transport your used or scrap tires to an authorized end-use facility; however, you must still comply with all manifesting requirements. Generators must use a scrap-tire manifest system to document any removal of scrap tires or pieces. All scrap tires must be transported to an authorized storage site, a scrap-tire recycler or processor facility, or a landfill. Tires sent to a landfill must first be split, quartered, or shredded. You must also register as a scrap-tire processor if you split, quarter, or shred your used or scrap tires.


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