Brooks Co. Obtains ‘Repeater’ Device for Better Communicatio

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FALFURRIAS – Brooks County emergency responders will soon be able to communicate better.

A device called a repeater is sitting atop the water tower in Encino. Officials said it will be boosting the radio signal to travel 45 miles farther in the 944-square mile county.

The sheriff’s office said it will help in bridging gaps in communication between fire, sheriffs and other emergency responders.

“This is vital to make sure that when we have first responders out there in the brush or patrolmen doing traffic stops that we communicate well with them and know where they’re at,” said Brooks County Sheriff's officer Urbino “Benny” Martinez.

Martinez said a small facility was built by the water tower to shelter the equipment.

The county’s tax dollars were used to the tune of about $20,000. The costs of the repeater equipment came from a grant.

It's expected to be up and running by September. 


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