Cameron Co. Family Questions Rebuilding Home in High Risk Flooding Area

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SANTA ROSA –It has been exactly one month since a heavy rain storm devastated part of the Rio Grande Valley.

Some Cameron County residents are questioning whether they should bother to rebuild.

For the last month, Crystella Quicksall has worked to clean out her 81 year old parent's home.

"It's so painful; it's so painful everything they've lost. Everything we've lost. My parents have nothing now," says Quicksall.

She says what county officials are now referring to as "Tio Cano Lake" never resembled a lake before; she wants to know why now.

The county says all of Cameron is considered to be a flood zone and a lot of the homes there aren't up to county building code, but even the ones meeting the current requirements would still have flooded with last month's rain.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS asked if residents should spend the money to rebuild there again.

The county responded with, ‘it depends on what kind of risk you're willing to take’.

Families like Quicksall's are looking for guidance.

"If they have done everything that they're supposed to do then be transparent. Bring it out. Let us know. Let us know what we can do to make things better for us so that we don't suffer like this again,” she says.

The Texas Legislature created a flood control district for Cameron County; plans for staffing and funding it are still to be determined.

Voters also need to decide if they'll even allow a tax to fund drainage projects.

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