Donna Family Believes Flooding to Home Could Have Been Prevented

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DONNA – A Donna family says their home is underwater after Monday’s storm; they say it could’ve been avoided if help had come sooner.

Maria Flores’ house and furniture are ruined after flood waters came barreling through all doors.

“They are pumping water over here they are sending it over here and because it was stagnant here it couldn't flow," says Flores.

She says all of the grass branches and trash on the side of the stream of water that was rushing along her home caused the water to back up.

The city of Donna says they have a shelter at the recreation center for those in need and residents should call public works if assistance is needed.

Flores still hasn’t used any of the doors to her home to get in and out; she doesn’t want more water coming in.

She says important and undamaged furniture has been loaded into a truck for safe keeping.

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