Family of San Benito 21-year-old shot by police seeks answers

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Days after a San Benito police officer shot and killed her son, Nora Villarreal is searching for answers.

Officers shot her son, 21-year-old Samuel Mata, on the night of Aug. 19, when they responded to a disturbance near the intersection of South Bonham Street and East Powers Street, according to a news release from the San Benito Police Department.

According to the police department, the disturbance resulted from an argument about the use of a car.

When a police officer attempted to de-escalate the situation, Mata "brandished a revolver and pointed it at his mother," according to the news release. Mata also pointed the revolver at police Officer Oscar Lara, who shot and killed him.

Villarreal, though, said she didn't see a gun.

"I did not see not one weapon on him. He was wearing loose khaki shorts and a t-shirt," Villarreal said. "I didn't see a weapon on him."

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