Hidalgo Man Seeks Solution to Rising Temperatures in Waiting Areas

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HIDALGO - A Rio Grande Valley man says he stands outside a street in Hidalgo waiting for an employer to pick him up daily, however recently police have not been allowing it.

Victor Perez says he waits at the intersection of International Boulevard and Monterrey Street in Hidalgo waiting for work.

"This is a point where a lot of people gather around. A lot of employers come and find us, but lately the police have stopped us," says Perez.

Though the sign says “no loitering” he says a lot of people gather there on a daily basis.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to the city of Hidalgo to see if a solution can be found.

Assistant City Manager, Robert Segura, says the people who wait in the area are on private property.

He adds it’s up to the owner to call the police to get people off of the property.

The owner of the property, Jim Burke, says he has only owned the property for a few months.

Burke tells us he is working on a solution and plans to visit with the mayor to come up with a positive outcome.

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