Investigation of Cameron Co. Servers Sold at Flea Market

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BROWNSVILLE - No changes have been made to Cameron County’s computer security policy as of yet.

The decision comes after a mistake put tens of thousands of people’s personal information at risk.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS’ investigation revealed Cameron County computer servers were being sold at a Brownsville market.

The initial plan was to discuss the county’s computer security policy at a public meeting, that changed when the discussion moved behind closed doors.

We were told the matter is still under investigation.

Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino said the county still has to figure out who is responsible for letting a computer server go to auction.

“A final answer may not be determined for quite some time. But we need to continue to do our due diligence, our investigation, and make sure that this doesn’t continue to happen,” he said.

Trevino said the incident happened despite a county policy saying hard drives have to be deleted before county computers are sold.

“We’re doing everything possible that we can to make sure that the problem’s been sequestered and quarantined, so to speak,” he said.

However, the computer policy did not change at Wednesday’s meeting.

“We need to make sure that we have all our facts presented before us, before we make a final decision one way or the other,” Trevino said.

The court directed the county’s administration and legal department to review the current policy and recommend changes.

The Better Business Bureau told CHANNEL 5 NEWS people can contact one of the big three credit agencies and place an alert in their file if they are concerned about their personal identity.

Creditors will then notify them if someone is trying to open up a line of credit in their name. 


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