Living in a Pandemic: COVID-19 survivor still feeling symptoms

By: Allysa Cole

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Sofia Peña remembers when she learned of her COVID-19 diagnosis last November after attending a social-distanced breakfast meeting with colleagues. 

"That person called and said ‘My sister who lives in the same home just tested positive,’” Peña recalled. “I just kind of went, 'Oh my gosh, I'm exposed.’"

Peña got tested for COVID-19 the day before Thanksgiving, and her results came back positive. Her symptoms were already severe.  


"There was days where I just didn't know where I was,” Peña said. Really weak, I can only attribute it to the flu times ten.”

Peña contracted the disease while suffering from Lupus, a disease where the immune system attacks its own tissues.

"Having lupus as an underlying condition and contracting COVID, I was really one of those people who probably should have been a statistic," Peña said. "I did find myself on some days just really scared and thinking I could die, that I would die.")

Peña recovered from the disease after five weeks of fighting it, she said. However, power lifting, working with children with disabilities and keeping up with her pets - she said still feels lingering symptoms of COVID. 

"I still get that little racing heart, I just really feel it beating out of my body,” Peña  said. “That's scary too, just trying to manage that symptom."


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