Local Farmer Concerned about How a Border Wall Affects Irrigation of Crops

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ROMA – Local farmers are concerned about what the border wall will mean for the irrigation of crops near the Rio Grande.

Roma resident Ruperto Escobar says his farm land is the legacy his family started.

"This is my life, without the Rio Grande we could not raise the crops that we need to help our cattle survive," says Escobar.

He says he is in favor of building a border wall, but hopes to still have access to the underground water-line he uses.

In a meeting with stakeholders on the border wall project, the government said they are in the process of working with land owners.

The government is considering changes to the wall designs based on what land owners need, including irrigation lines.

"So far I haven't had any conversations with the government or anybody that represents them," says Escobar.

He says he looks forward to the wall, to benefit his safety, but hopes the details get worked out.

Customs and Border Protection say they are going to be reaching out to land owners to work things out to make sure farmers continue getting their access to water.

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