Local Painter Leaving His Mark In The Valley

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PHARR – Brett Oberthaler is a well-known name around the Valley. From school murals to personal pieces, his work can be seen in various locations.

“I would have to say maybe about three hundred, from small to large,” said Oberthaler.

The local artist fell in love with the hobby because of his mother, who encouraged him to express himself through this form of art.

“She saw that I had the genes from the family,” said Oberthaler. “She wanted to introduce that to me, so I started painting and drawing, and been doing it ever since.”

But Oberthaler isn’t your average painter. He almost lost the passion he holds close to his heart.

“A little over five years ago I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome,” said Oberthaler. “It tricks your immune system into attacking your nervous system, so there is now connecting between your nerves and your muscles. So I had to re-teach myself to walk, to feed myself, to paint and draw again.”

Oberthaler had a difficult road to recovery, but it one was one specific phone call that made his recovery worth it.

“When Valley View called me to work on these large tigers outside, I was thrilled,” said Oberthaler. “It just brought me back to painting, back to something familiar. It was in itself rehabilitating.”

“Once he came and did the murals outside, our superintendent said ‘Hey if we need to do anything with the athletic department, I think he does a great job.’ He’s always on time, he is always committed, and he always wants to give us a helping hand.”

What Oberthaler loves the most? What his paintings give back to the community.

“It brings joy,” said Oberthaler. “And the joy that I’m talking about that it brings is the joy that it brings to the people that look at it. When I do paintings for school, I like the excitement that it brings the students and the fulfillment that the kids get.”


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