Local Tax Preparer Taking Measures to Ensure Accuracy

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WESLACO – A local tax preparer says he’s concerned over residents who abuse the Internal Revenue Service system.

Sal Colmenero says he is dealing with the new implementation of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Colmenero says he is careful not to get fined for residents claiming a child that isn’t theirs in order to receive additional tax credit.

"The new thing is on the child tax credit, they get up to $2,000 credit for the first three kids, after that, they can get up to $500 additional credit depending on the family's income,” he says.

Colmenero says families are lending their children in return for a portion of the tax return.

He says he can get in trouble with the IRS if he prepares these taxes, so he takes additional measures to confirm parental rights.

Clay Sanford, a spokesperson for the IRS, advises residents to hire a trustworthy tax preparer in order to file an accurate return every time.

Sanford says residents can find information on the IRS website that explains fines and penalties that can be faced when filing an inaccurate tax return.

Colmenero says his main goal is to keep anyone from facing these fines.

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