McAllen Woman Wants Out of Lease Due to Mold Issue

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MCALLEN – A McAllen woman says she is waiting for her lease to expire due to health reasons.

A pipe busted in Karina Gonzalez’s apartment building in early September.

“Sometimes I'll stay here, sometimes I won't. I'd rather just stay with family because of the fact that, it does smell a little bit weird and I've tried cleaning it and cleaning it and the smell just won't go away,” she explains.

Gonzalez and her fiancé tried getting out of their lease citing health concerns but the managers at the apartment complex said they’d have to pay more than $1,000 in early termination fees.

KRGV’s Carolina Cruz looked into the issue to find answers.

The Texas Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division gives tenants’ rights.

A section of the document states landlords must make an effort to make repairs if conditions affect their health or safety – if not a complaint can be filed with their office.

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