Mission family being charged months of service by electric company they never used

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UPDATE (03/09): After a weekend without electricity, Jasmin Hinojo once again has power.

On Monday the hold on Hinojo's account was lifted. She was able to switch utility companies.

Hinojo says G-Power told her she did not owe them the money they had billed her.


MISSION - A family in Mission is confused about why an electric company that they've never used says they need to pay for 3 months of service or they won't unlock the meter connected to their apartment.

The family says the electric company G-Power isn't the one that they want to use. They just moved in to their new apartment and want to switch to someone else.

But G-Power has placed what's known as a "switch hold" on their electric meter and the family claims they're being told that they have to pay in order to have it removed.

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