Student of the Week: Mayra Garcia (Pt. 1)

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I was born in McAllen, Texas on February 9, 2000 to parents who sacrificed everything to give my siblings and me a better life. Although my parents didn't have the opportunity to go to college, they taught me the importance of an education, hard work, and humility. When I was thirteen years old, my mom was deported for seven months, and my dad, who was a migrant worker, would leave for months at a time to provide for our family. Seeing the sacrifices my parents made as immigrants motivated me to not only make them proud through my studies, but also to prove that Hispanic people could accomplish great things in this country. 

At the present time, I hold a 4.6 GPA, and I am ranked number 2 based on my junior year ranking. However, there is more to being a true scholar than getting good grades. Growing up bilingual in one of the most poverty-struck regions of the U.S. made me realize the importance of giving back to my community, so I served as an RGV LEAD ambassador for two years to link economic and academic development in the Valley, while also bringing Hispanic culture and music to the streets of Mercedes as a violinist for my school's Tiger Mariachi. Additionally, being elected president of MHS' National Honor Society has helped me encourage other high schoolers to get involved by volunteering, and being the vice-president of my class gave me the opportunity to speak up for other students. 

My passion for helping those in need, being a member of MHS' STEM program, and taking college courses have together opened my eyes to the world of medicine. My goal is attend Texas AM Kingsville for undergraduate studies. My lifelong dream is to become a doctor and open non-profit hospitals for underprivileged communities, providing medical attention worldwide and showing this nation it is time to build bridges - not walls. 


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