Students react to STC announcing nearly $2 million in student debt forgiveness

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The South Texas College board of Trustees voted to use nearly $2 million in pandemic-relief money to eliminate the unpaid account balances for 3,488 students. 

STC students on campus expressed relief at the college’s decision.

"Some people just had to stop in the middle of classes for family members or themselves, you know, and then they still have those bills to pay," former student Michelle Redding said. "That use for that money is commendable," 

“I feel like it's going to change so many lives because now [students] can study and they can work towards their dreams," STC student Claudia Reyes said. 

"STC is not just a school but a community that does have your back," STC student Orlando Guerrero said.  

Any left over funding will be made into grants to help students pay for child-care, rent and other outside costs. 

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