Valley Woman Awaits Promised Rent Deposit Refund

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MCALLEN – A Rio Grande Valley woman is requesting a refund from a $300 rent deposit after a month-long wait.  

Lupita Garcia and her family moved to a McAllen apartment several weeks ago. She said her old deposit check from an Edinburg apartment has not arrived at her new address.  

“My daughter’s been kind of sick on and off. She was born premature, so she suffers from bronchitis. I just took her to the doctor again and she’s got bronchitis again. She’s always getting ear infections, upper respiratory infections. So, that really would come in handy to get her meds,” she said.

Garcia said she finished her lease and even paid for an extra month. According to the lease, she was to receive the deposit within 30 days from when she vacated on March 3rd.

Garcia said her former landlord inspected the apartment and they made an agreement.  

“He just said he’d be mailing me our refund check and to provide an address so he can mail it to me,” he said.

She said the check never arrived.

“He just stopped answering phone calls and would not answer text messages anymore,” she said.

Her former landlord, Pedro Cortez, of Border Realty, agreed to speak to us off-camera.

Cortez told CHANNEL 5 NEWS the deposit check was sent, but he made a mistake on the address. He will send a new one to the corrected address.

Cortez said he had to disinfect the old apartment as outlined in the lease, so a $45 deduction was made from the $300 deposit.

Garcia said she and her family are glad to accept the $255 check. 


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