Valley woman struggles to get refund after Cash app scam

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The Better Business Bureau wants to warn the community about a new scam.

Many people use Cash app, and the BBB wants you to keep your money out of it. 

Cashapp has become a common way of transferring money within the last 10 years since it was created. 

It is easy to use and can be convenient, but what happens when scammers get a hold of your money on the app? 

It is not easy to get that money back.

A Valley mom says someone hacked into her Cash app account and emptied out her balance right before Christmas. 

"I'm a mom of five, to wake up, and my kids really didn't get gifts," Jessica Zelaya said. "I was just so blown away."

On the day before Christmas, Zelaya planned on doing her last minute Christmas shopping for her five children., but before she got a chance, she says she noticed a strange notification from her Cash app saying her notifications were turned off, and that her phone number was unlinked from her account. 

"And when that happened I was driving, so when I got home I finally took a look at my Cash app and the money I had there saved from what I was going to use for my kids and from when I got paid it was all taken out," Zelaya said. 

Zelaya says her balance of nearly $1500 was sent to two people's Cash app accounts who she doesn't recognize.

A transaction she says she did not authorize. She immediately reported it to Cash app, but so far she hasn't had any luck getting her money back.

"Cash app giving me the runaround," Zelaya said. "Basically saying it's considered authorized because it was sent from my Cash app, but I have proof that it shows that my account was unlinked and my notifications were turned off. They were able to get in, and I have the number that they used."

So far, 9,385 similar complaints have been reported to the BBB about Cash app fraud —many of them left unresolved.

"You keep the money in your Cash app, and you can become a victim of this kind of scam," BBB South Texas President Hilda Martinez said. "Your best bet is to transfer it to your bank account, you have a better chance of trying to get your refund through the bank or a major credit card than an application like this."

Watch the video above for the full report. 


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