Made In The 956: Infinite Love

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There's a Valley organization that's doing more than just giving back to the community, they're also teaching people how to take care of themselves first.

They sometimes say you experience triumph over tragedy, and that's something the sisters, Saju and Malka, can relate to.

"In 2006, our family and my sisters and our extended family went through a very difficult time to say the least. It was like the carpet had been ripped out from under us. It was everything from cancer, death to cancer, accidents, divorce, everything happened around the same time," Infinite Love Founder and CEO Saju Vaswani said.

"There was so much turbulence that was in our hearts, and we didn't know how to deal with all of this, so we started with spiritual speakers, we went to workshops, we learned about mediation," Infinite Love Founder and Treasurer Malka Shivdasani said. "What we learned from 2006 to 2011, through the five years, we healed a lot. And we wanted to bring that healing to our community."

That's when Infinite Love was created. The name might seem simple on the surface, but it's actually much deeper.

"Well, one of our nephews passed away on Valentine's Day in 2011, and it felt like he was giving us the baton because he was an earth angel here going through his healing process, so we picked that day. We gave him a rose, and we started Infinite Love on Valentine's Day," Malka said.

"So Infinite Love is a non-profit center that is dedicated to mediation and self growth," Saju said. "So we do this with offering emotional, spiritual and resourced-based support to help heal and uplift our community."

There is a serene spot at their location where they meet weekly.

"We have anywhere from 30 to 50 people join us every Wednesday. You come in, you have a meal. We usually have a vegan dinner prepared, and then we have a beautiful video and or presentation about different topics like on anger, fear, what have you, and then we sit together and meditate," Saju said. "This is completely free of charge. There is no charge for this. We're doing it for the community, so we don't want anybody to feel they can't come because of financial issues."

That's why the center also relies on the community too.

"As you know, we are a non-profit organization, so we survive through donations and events that we do," Infinite Love Executive Director Martha Shay said. "Any amount is helpful, from $1 to whatever they want to donate, because our vision is really to have a world where the mind, body and soul are in harmony, and we have to start within our house, right here, in the Valley, so we can spread the word out."

Infinite Love, Made In The 956.

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