11K Cameron Co. Voters to Confirm Information

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BROWNSVILLE – About 11,000 Cameron County voters will have to confirm some information before they can vote in any upcoming election.

Elections administrator Remy Garza said about 7,000 voters who hadn’t participated in the past two federal election cycles were taken off the voter registrations list at the end of last year.

Another 11,000 were put on a “suspended” list. Those voters will need to provide proof of address next time they vote.

Right now, there are about 191,000 registered voters in Cameron County. Garza said people need to register before April 6 in order to be eligible to vote in any upcoming city or school board elections.

Hundreds of volunteer deputy registrars are currently undergoing certification in order to help register voters.

"We want to make sure that these individuals are acting like a representative of our office, as though someone was turning in an application to the front desk at my office. So we want to make sure that when their application is received, they are reviewing it and it's completely filled out and there aren't any questions. Any information is clearly legible and all the information that's necessary is there. So that when we actually submit that information to the state, we don't have any problems with it being kicked back,” Garza said.

He is hoping to hit the 200,000 registered voter mark by the end of the year.


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