Cameron Co. Officials Warn on Burning Brush Dangers

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BROWNSVILLE – As the Rio Grande Valley finds itself under a fire danger watch, officials are reminding residents about burning procedures.

The advisory means the current low humidity and dry conditions are right to fuel a fire.

Cameron County Emergency Manager Tom Hushen said it’s illegal to burn anything but brush. If residents plan to do so, he said they must first get authorization from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

Hushen said the agency keeps track of any threats that could result from brush burning.

"If somebody decides to burn and it's cleared with TCEQ, and it becomes a hazard or becomes a nuisance to a neighbor, the neighbor can call the fire department and have it put it out,” he said. “That's something people need to realize. Yes, in the state of Texas you can burn. But if it's a nuisance to your neighbors, they have every right to call a fire department and have that put out.”

Hushen said he's asking county residents to work with their brush pick-up schedules to reduce the need for burning and issues with excess brush. 


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