Charges Dismissed Edcouch Police Chief’s Case

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EDCOUCH – A case involving a Rio Grande Valley police chief reached a conclusion on Tuesday.

The case, centering on Edcouch Police Chief Eloy Cardenas, was dismissed by District Attorney Ricardo Rodriguez.

Cardenas’s attorney said he was originally tried for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon back in 2008. She said that trial ended with a hung jury.

Alma Garza, Cardenas’s attorney, said the only problem was former DA Rene Guerra never decided to retry the case or dismiss it, so her client was left in limbo.

She said eight years later, in 2016, Judge Rudy Delgado brought the case back to light. That's when the new DA, Ricardo Rodriguez, and his office looked at all the facts and decided to dismiss the case.

"It was just a matter of coordinating and finding all the transcripts from the different court reporters so that they can read that. And then they did that and I did talk to the DA and talked to his first assistant. We discussed the case and they did their job. They wanted to look at all the evidence before they made a decision,” she said.

Garza said her client is relieved that this case has finally been put to rest and is all behind him.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reached out to Guerra. He said the DA does not set cases, but rather the judge does. 

Guerra said the case should have been tried two months after Cardenas' mistrial. But the case then became too old to prosecute. 


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