Harlingen Catholic church vandalized

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A church in Harlingen was vandalized over the weekend.

Two statues are missing and one Virgin Mary statue is broken at St. Anthony's Catholic Church.

Long-time parishioner Elias Zamora, who has attended Saint Anthony's Catholic Church for over 60 years, is heartbroken.

"It is sad that somebody would do this, to the statue," Zamora said.

Zamora says he saw the Virgin Mary statue on the ground after mass on Saturday around 6 p.m.

"And that's when I came from in there and that's where I saw, she was down on her face ," Zamora said.

Zamora says he showed up later on Sunday to help pick up the statue from the floor with five other people, including Father Ernesto Medina.

"I think that the churches need to be respected," parishioner Lenore Combs said. “And if the people want to take their anger out, they need to not be so destructive because people come here for peace and to pray."

Zamora says he brought his own statues of the Virgin Mary, baby Jesus, and Joseph to the church.

Harlingen police are now looking into who and how many people were involved.

"We don't know who committed the crime," Harlingen Police Department Sgt. Larry Moore said. "Or until we find out who did this we don't really have a motive other than them just destroying property. We don't know if it was adults or juveniles at this time."

Harlingen police ask anyone with information to come forward.


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