Harlingen considers changing rules for street vendors following deadly hit-and-run

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HARLINGEN – The city of Harlingen is looking to change the rules for street vendors. It comes after a hit-and-run incident which claimed the life of a 5-year-old girl.

The child was with her 20-year-old sister, who was also hit. They were selling newspapers at the intersection Stuart Place and Frontage roads. A memorial marks the spot where the sisters were hit on Jan. 26.

New recommendations for a new ordinance on the rules on what a pedestrian can do in the roadway was discussed Wednesday during a commissioners’ meeting.

When it comes to selling items in the roadway, Assistant Chief Miryam Anderson, with Harlingen police, says state law prohibits it unless a vendor has a permit from the city.

The police department hasn’t specifically explained what the change would be. It’s still being drafted.

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