Man Continues to Recover after Water Heater Explosion in Don

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DONNA – A Donna man is finally back home after a water heater exploded and injured him a month ago.  

Craig Yeiter tried to re-light the pilot light in his water heater causing it to explode.  He spent three weeks in ICU at a hospital in San Antonio from severe first-degree burns on his face and arms.

His wife said he is currently undergoing therapy for his injuries.  Doctors said it will take almost a year for his hands to get back to normal.

Yeiter said the accidents took them all by surprise. They had just moved back into their home after spending their summer in Michigan.

Donna’s Emergency Management Coordinator George Garrett said people should regularly check their gas lines.

“It’s not the water heaters; it’s what they are connected to. If they’re connected to a gas line, the gas line should be inspected every one to two years. Electric is not a big problem,” he said.

Garrett said people should always hire a licensed plumber to inspect the gas line. He said they should have their gas appliances checked as well.

Yeiter said as extra precaution, they’ve also changed all of their gas appliances to electric.


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