Mexican Federal Police Deploys Convoy along Highway

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REYNOSA, Mex. – Federal police in Reynosa are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of motorists coming to the U.S. from the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.

Mexican law enforcement is being more vigilant for suspicious activity along the highway between Monterrey and Reynosa. The highway is a popular route to reach the Rio Grande Valley.

Police will start using a special convoy featuring 10 units. They will navigate the road to enhance the security of drivers. The convoy will go from Nuevo Leon to the Anzalduas International Bridge.

Reynosa resident Raul Gonzalez said he regularly visits his family in Monterrey. He feels at ease knowing there’s more vigilance on the road.

“It gives you peace and people can focus on attending their needs with more security. In my family we haven’t had anything to lament. Everything is normal and fine,” he said.

Officials added the growing number of Mexican citizens heading to the U.S. prompted an increase in police presence. 


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