Mother Concerned with Inoperative Cameras on School Bus

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LA FERIA – A concerned mother said she was never given a reason from a local school district as to why the security cameras on her son’s school bus weren't working.

Gina Gonzales is a mother of five. In August, her youngest child was born. She said to avoid having to disturb her baby’s sleep time; she decided to allow her older children to ride the school bus to and from school.

"You know I figured they are big enough now they can, you know, be riding the bus on their own," Gonzales explained.

Gonzales said her 10-year-old son was involved in an incident with a high school student on the way to school last week.

After the incident, Gonzales headed to the district’s office to see the buses security footage to see what happened. She explained La Feria Independent School District’s response was shocking. 

“We can’t get the footage so as of right now there is no footage as to what happened on the bus," Gonzales told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

The concerned mother said nothing further was explained to her. Gonzales explained the camera is needed during her child's 45-minute bus ride.

"What's the point in having them if they're not working? And who's to say it's not just on this bus, but on other buses from the school. And maybe just on this day or other days or do they just not work at all," Gonzales said.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS headed to the La Feria ISD office with those questions.

Superintendent Cathy Hernandez was unavailable to speak to us in person but says the investigation is complete and no one involved in the incident was hurt.

When we asked repeatedly about the cameras not working, they said they would get back to us in a timely manner.

Gonzales said she simply can’t afford to wait for those answers.

"Well that’s the thing, that's why I’m not putting them on the bus anymore. So there won’t be a next time," Gonzales told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.

She said she decided to come forward so other parents could be aware of the problem.


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