Refineries, Power Operations on Gulf Coast Slowly Progressin

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WESLACO – The U.S. Energy Administration said one refinery is back online. An improvement after ten of them were shut down due to last week’s hurricane.

The agency also said six refineries are now in the process of restarting. Those may take several days or weeks, depending on damage.

The shutdown refineries account for about 15 percent of the U.S. refining capacity, according to the department’s report.

Meanwhile, the federal agency adds that more than 150,000 homes are still without power in Texas.

That’s better than before, when outages were more than a quarter million.

As far as how long some of these repairs and restorations will take, the agency said the lingering flooding is the one big obstacle in the way.

The energy administration is promoting FEMA’s website to address Hurricane Harvey rumors and provide current information on the status of oil and electricity grids.

Anyone can visit the website here.


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