Relatives Speak Out on Shooting Involving Valley Couple

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WESLACO – The Mexican Navy is denying involvement in a shooting that injured two U.S. citizens on Tuesday.

A family member of the victims requested her identity remain hidden for safety. She lives in Reynosa.

She said Luis Alfredo Aleman is recovering from gunshot wounds to his hand and foot. He was airlifted to San Antonio the night of the incident.

She said he may end up losing two fingers.

Aleman’s wife, Alejandra, was grazed in the head with bullets. The woman said she was not seriously hurt.

The family said they believe it was the Mexican Navy who fired on the couple as they drove back to the international bridge Tuesday afternoon.

The family member said the couple often times stops to buy groceries to take home. She said there’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that the shots came from the Mexican Navy.

“They were soldiers, dressed in military attire and the helicopter was on top of the truck. The only ones with a helicopter here are los Marinos,” she said.

Mexico issued a statement Wednesday denying their involvement. They said soldiers were involved in three separate shooting incidents in three different colonias, but not in the incident that injured the Aleman’s.

“People are living in fear. If they see soldiers, marines, they go in fear instead of saying, ‘Thank you for being here, you will defend us.’ Unfortunately, that’s not how it goes,” she said.

The woman said this isn’t the first time the Mexican military has injured innocent people. She hopes the government doesn’t ignore the case.

The family said they’ve been in contact with the U.S. consulate in Matamoros. They don’t expect to get any sort of compensation for what happened.

The bullet-ridden Tahoe is still in Mexico guarded by government officials.

The U.S. State Department said the consulate is handling the incident and they cannot release any details due to privacy considerations. 


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