Residents Fed Up with Illegal Dumping Site in Donna

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DONNA – A private property north of Donna continues to be used as an illegal dumping site.

Resident Felix Balderas said he’s lived on north Goolie Road for 15 years. He said illegal dumping started on his street started years ago.

“Driving through there, it smells like dead dogs and other animals they dump in there,” he said.

Balderas said he has not seen Hidalgo County constables or county workers clean the grounds. He said the area is cleaned on a regular basis, but people trash it right after.

“They don’t give them the change to clean up everything. As soon as it’s night again, they throw trash all over again,” he said.

The Hidalgo County Precinct 1 Office told CHANNEL 5 NEWS the dump site was cleaned on April 19. But we still saw a great deal of trash on the site.

We reached out to the Hidalgo County Precinct 1 Commissioner’s Office to see why all of the trash is not gone. After a day of waiting, we did not receive answers to repeated attempts at contact.

We did more digging and found the private owners of the property surrounding the dumping grounds.

California-based Wonderful Citrus said they are aware of the dumping.

“We’ve experienced quite a bit of dumping take place on our property. We clear that refuse on a regular basis but it is a constant,” WC spokesperson Steven Clarke said.

Clarke said the company cannot constantly monitor the property and needs help from the county.

“If there is some way to sort of increase patrol or some sort of regulatory measure to be put in place,” he said.

Clarke added, however, that the company does not have any specific plans in place to keep the property clean. 


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