School District Holds Memorial for Victims in Double Murder

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RIO GRANDE CITY - Thursday marked one year since two Rio Grande City CISD employees were found murdered in a Starr County home.

The school district held a private memorial for the two women. Both victims worked in the business department at district’s administration building.  

No one is currently living in the house where the killings happened. Neighbors in the area said they see someone taking care of the lawn every once in a while.

Starr County District Attorney Omar Escobar said he is fully confident the case will be solved soon. For the past year, he said the public has demanded answers.

“People want details. They want either arrests or details about what’s going on and we can’t give details about these types of investigations, because you risk compromising the investigation,” he said.

The bodies of Oneida Balderas Garza and Lourdes Elizondo were found in Garza’s home. They were found with their hands bound, each with a gunshot to the head.

Neighbors said they heard no gunshots and saw no vehicle. They believe it was a professional hit.

The Texas Rangers are still heading the investigation.

“They’ve been keeping our office updated and they’ve been good about it,” Escobar said.

After the murder, authorities searched several locations around the city.

No arrests have been in the case.

“Just because there isn’t an arrest doesn’t mean that there isn’t work being done. All these cases rely on forensic evidence that takes a long time to process, because there are so many other cases being processed at the DPS crime lab. But the work doesn’t stop,” the district attorney said.

Escobar said he’s confident authorities will solve the crime, even if it takes years.

There is a $15,000 reward for information the case. If you know of any details about the case call 956-844-1263. 


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