Study: More than 10 Percent of Children in Texas Uninsured

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WESLACO – Texas has the highest rate of uninsured children in the nation, according to a Georgetown University study.

There are some options for those who do not have health coverage.

KRGV’s Valerie Gonzalez explains local children who don’t have medical insurance visit Nuestra Clinica del Valle every day.

"When I had my daughter, they asked me what pediatrician I was going to go to. So, since I didn't have insurance, I just figured I'll still keep coming here because it's not as expensive as other places,” says a local mother of two.

According to the study, 10.7 percent of children in Texas are uninsured – that equals to about 835,000 children.

"For those individuals who fall below the Medicaid coverage gap, we're able to charge them based on a sliding fee scale,” explains Andy Gamez, the director of community outreach for NCDV.

He says they accept those with and without insurance.

"We help out in terms of newborn care, acute care, dental, pharmacy, social services, nutrition and wellness visits for the children,” he says.

Families currently have the option to enroll for coverage through the Affordable Care Act; the deadline to enroll is Dec. 15.

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