TSTC Class Helps Students Build Foundation for Future Career

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HARLINGEN – A class at Texas State Technical College is helping students build the foundation for their future.

Gustavo Antonio says he’s taking every day as an opportunity to learn and grow in his career field.

His welding instructor, Kenny Moore, says the results of dedication, hard work, and most importantly, repetition are scattered throughout the shop.

“It’s all about practice, it’s about showing up, it’s about work ethic,” he says. “There’s things that you can train them as far as welding and stuff like that, but work ethic is one of the main things that they need to have with them before they leave here.”

Antonio is wrapping up his second semester in the program. He says he still has plenty to learn but he’s confident in his future.

Moore agrees.

“They come in here, they’re new to the program, they’re new to these surroundings and they’re a little nervous,” he explains. “But as the semester go on, they get used to their surroundings and they get used to the equipment and they get closer with the instructors, and they start building on the basics.”

Student placement is high for this program because of the many options graduates have.

“Pipe welding, some offshore, whatever is available,” Antonio listed.  

Antonio says his teachers and on-campus GEAR UP facilitators helped him navigate year one at TSTC.

He says his parents also played a key role with their never-ending support.

Antonio says until graduation, he will keep at it and perfect his skills for the future.


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