U.S. Attorneys Offering Assistance to Asylum Seekers Waiting in Matatmoros

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MATAMOROS, MEXICO- Asylum seekers kept south of the border are getting some help from United States attorneys this weekend.

Seven of them, with the group Lawyers for Good Government, crossed into Matamoros Saturday morning.

There, they provided immigrants with an overview of how the asylum process works in America.

"For the asylum seekers themselves, who don't get to cross back over the border into the United States at the end of the day, they are actually living there," said Traci Feit Love, President and Executive Director of Lawyers for Good Government.

"Many of them (are) sleeping on the streets, a few of them, quote unquote, lucky enough to have a tent, like a camping tent. The rest are just out exposed to the elements, the heat."

The group of lawyers are planning another trip to Matamoros tomorrow to provide more assistance.


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