Upcoming Hurricane Season Concerning June Flood Survivor

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MISSION – A local homeowner, devastated by the floodwaters last year, hopes her home will survive the expected storms this year.

Daphine Mora was displaced from her home for six months after the 2018 June floods.

"I got in the kayak with my two puppies and we kayaked out and landed on a neighbor’s house down the street,” Mora recalls.

She says she used flood insurance money to fix her home and that she’s grateful she was insured.

Now, Mora says she wants to hear more from Mission leaders to prevent it from happening again.

Hidalgo County Drainage District Number One General Manager, Raul Sesin, told us they’re working on flood upgrades.

"In 2018, we had the voters approve a bond referendum which included a couple projects in Mission; one being the main project which is our Mission lateral,” says Sesin.

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