Valley Officials Offer Safety Tips Ahead of Cyber Monday

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EDINBURG --- Valley officials are warning shoppers to be cautious when proceeding to checkout on Cyber Monday. Avid online shoppers like Brandon Castellanos look forward to this day every year. 

"You get to skip lines, there's no drive, and there's more variety in what you can find," said Castellanos. 

He claims it's one of the best times of year to find some of his favorite items. 

"Anything from collectibles, whether that be star wars, mostly star wars stuff, camera gear, mics," said Castellanos. 

Rio Hondo Public Safety Director William Bilokury is encouraging Valley shoppers to pay close attention to where you spend your money online. He says you should cautious of unsolicited offers and suspicious ads. 

"Purchase through a reputable company," said Bilokury. "Identity theft and credit card abuse scenarios go through the roof this time of year. "

The Office of the Texas Attorney General suggests paying attention to a small detail that could save you from a stolen identity. Check the location bar the top of your browser. 
The website's address should begin with h-t-t-p-s, not h-t-t-p. The 's' means the page is secure. 

"If you're unsure of the site you're at, go to the better business bureau," he said.

The Better Business Bureau is also issuing a word of caution ahead of Cyber Monday. The BBB's website states it's not uncommon for hackers to target your children. 
It reads in part: 

"Young people tend to shop based on what their peers or celebrities are wearing or using. Scammers will try to lure them to click on links such as "free kylie products," "free concerts," "free game" and more. If it's too good to be true do not click."

Bilokury encourages shoppers to monitor their bank statements as frequently as possible.  

"Years ago you didn't see the stuff pop up on your statement for several days or a couple of weeks," said Bilokury. "Now it's almost instantaneous. You make that purchase with your card."

Bilokury suggests having a friend or family member pick up your packages if you're unable to. This way they don't sit unattended.  


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